Cool “Global Warming” images

A few nice Global Warming images I found:


Image by mandiberg
Several well intentioned people have sent me invitations to this Facebook application called "(Lil) Green Patch." The invitation says "Here is a Jenny Appleseed plant for your (Lil) Green Patch. Could you help me by sending a plant back? Together we can fight Global Warming!"

So a little research later, I have learned that this game is a tamagotchi garden, and you can share plants with people. It is one of the most popular Facebook games, with over 500,000 daily active users. It is driven by ad revenue, and the maker of the game gives a portion of the ad revenue to The Nature Conservancy to buy rainforest land. So far they have given ,600 ( So that is ten cents for every active daily user.

They are probably making more than 10 cents per active user every day, no? Does the carbon offset from buying the trees cover for the server farm required to run the application? To play annoying nay-sayer, what in the world is this teaching people about how to ‘Fight Global Warming." There is no net-gain here. It is un-doing things, as people think they are doing something, but they’re not. Okay, that was a rant.

Global Warming Monument Valley

Image by DanRhett
Looking carefully at this Photo of Monument Valley in the US mid-west, you will notice evidence of the eventual effects Global Warming may have on many parts of the world

Global Warming Skepticism

Image by wstera2…

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